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Your product is not that important. Get over it!

At least not in the early stages of your business anyway. For the vast majority of startups the plan of grinding out months, sometimes years, to make the perfect product that’s 10x of what everyone is offering and expecting it to succeed on its own, is fundamentally flawed. Sure, there are exceptions, but of course it’s the exceptions that prove the rule.

This is not another post on why the “build it and they will come” strategy will fail, but I do hope to get you to think about something else…

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Having been inundated with posts and podcasts evangelizing product led growth, free trials and self-service as the newly discovered holy grail of SaaS growth, I spent some time researching the kinds of products and pricing models that are best suited to this acquisition model before making the jump on our own product. This post contains my learnings.

The typical single digit pricing, per seat based models that worked tremendously well for giants such as Slack, Trello and Twilio have been discussed and analysed a fair number of times, but that is not the model that we are operating under. I…

Ben Heinkel

Co-founder @ Photoslurp, a visual marketing and commerce platform.

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